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As she swiftly rose to positions of ever-greater prominence, Ms. Frederiksen moderated her image, becoming seen as more centrist and less of a firebrand. One of her primary goals early on, to prosecute people who hire prostitutes, has rarely come up in recent years. ASAP’s impact, confirmed through rigorous, continuous evaluation, is very rare in the annals of higher education. Since the start of the program, 53 percent of ASAP students have earned an associate degree in three years, more than double the national and CUNY-wide completion rates.

A spokeswoman for T-Mobile declined to comment on the future of its relationship with OnePlus, saying only that it would focus on selling the OnePlus 6T.  But Mr. LaPierre, who has run the N.R.A. since 1991, has so far survived all of the internal challenges. And he has continued to successfully advance his group’s uncompromising agenda. This week he appeared to personally persuade Mr. Trump to resist significant measures sought by Democrats and gun control advocates.

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It might not be surprising that rocking helps. After all, who hasn’t noticed the soothing effects of swinging in a hammock or lying on a raft on the undulating water? And let’s not forget that we spend the first nine months of our lives being gently rocked in an amniotic sea. Some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley are tripping over themselves to cozy up to the U.S. government. But their motivations are mostly about fending off regulation and avoiding being broken up, writes Kevin Roose of the NYT.

BAGEHOT: The Life and Times of the Greatest Victorian, by James Grant. (Norton, .95.) Bagehot, a multitalented British Victorian, deserves to be better known. A full appreciation of him has been hobbled by his polymathic attainments. He has had many devotees but, for the most part, each has been able to illuminate only specific aspects of his career and his genius. James Grant’s new biography follows this pattern, taking wing when it treats Bagehot’s role as a banker and financial journalist, the very aspects of Bagehot’s work that have been relatively neglected by most scholars, who have tended to concentrate on his literary, political and sociological oeuvre. Pros say that because of its density, gold is usually found behind a rock where water eddies in a stream.

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Log InMany of their owners and customers had come to South Florida in the previous three decades to escape the oppressive governments of the Haitian presidents François Duvalier and his son, Jean-Claude Duvalier. Hamza bin Laden was only 13 when his father walked him and his brothers to the base of a mountain in Afghanistan and said goodbye for the last time. It was 2001 and planes piloted by Qaeda operatives had just slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and another hijacked plane had been foiled on its way to Washington.